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Oct 15 2009, 01:40 AM
I think he may have felt she would be a perfect Dimera at one point but that may be what troubles him. He knows what she is capable of. She won't back down. She's not the typical Brady and she has a hold on EJ that seems to never waver. She can get him to change his ways and steer away from Stefano and the Dimera family as the drop of a hat. He knows Sami could cost him EJ, Johnny, and Sydney. Hell, he barely sees Johnny as it is. As I said, I don't think he fears her. He would just rather not deal with her.
I don't agree that Sami has some unwavering hold on EJ or that that's what Stefano fears. If he thought that I doubt he would have come up with the idea to break up Rafe and Sami. He didn't seem too worried that Sami being free would lead to her having free time to muck with EJ's life and influence him and try to get him to break with his family, and in fact she didn't. I think, as Mason mentioned originally, this is all about Sydney and trying to keep her without having to reveal his own involvement. Stefano knows that Sami had every intention of keeping her child from EJ forever. That's enough for him to not want Sami to know about Sydney.
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