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Oct 14 2009, 11:51 PM
Oct 14 2009, 11:27 PM
Just as long as Melanie and Nathan are the end couple, I'm fine with Phillip and Stephanie trying to derail their happiness.
I agree. I have no issue with it. This all sounds good.

I do wish the show would just SORAS Melanie t0 21. They haven't mentioned her age since February. I don't see the issue with the age difference. Unless Melanie is under 18, I don't get the big deal. How many soap couples and supercouples have had a age difference between them (Bo and Hope being one of them)? Now, it's some sort of taboo, at least around these boards.

If you don't like Philip and Melanie, that is fine. It should be all about the story and the chemistry IMO. It should not be about age difference IMO unless your breaking the law. This has been done on soaps for years and acting like it's some line that should not be crossed and trying to pigeon-hole characters into only being paired with characters in their own age bracket is too restrictive and leads to an isolated canvas...which is not good IMO.
And I don't know how many times we have to explain it. This is not just a statutory problem (though it turns out Philip did nearly hop into bed with Melanie when she was UNDER 18 forever ruining him to me). It's a maturity issue. If you don't think there is any difference between adults 30+ (25+ sometimes) and adults under the age of 25 (and in this case under the age of 20), then the argument falls on deaf ears. Relationships are more than just about lust and desire, at least if you want them to succeed. If we are expected to believe that a man like Philip, that war veteran, handicapped, divorced business tycoon, could find something to relate to a young TEENAGER, then then the show will forever fail. And putting her suddenly at 21 won't help because we already see what a immature GIRL Melanie is. She acts her age and thus means Philip (and Brady)must be downgraded in maturity to interact with her. It's insulting.

I am not insisting large age differences can't work between lovers, but usually it succeeds when the younger person has reached a certain level in maturity that helps them relate to the older person. That includes family views, career paths, past loves, and though not necessarily required but very much appreciated EDUCATION LEVELS. Melanie, with her lack of anything I just listed should be the last person to be paired with Philip but for some reason, the show is stuck on forcing young women into relationships with guys who should be way ahead of them in such areas.

Then you have Molly Burnett, who sounds like a young girl and LOOKS like a young girl. I don't care how much hair dye they use on her, she still comes across as young. It's funny, many of the chan fans insisted that RM didn't have to look 21 to be paired with SC but if you have to mentally remind yourself the person can vote while they are making out with guys clearly older than them, then that's a problem. (Of course, I feel especially vindicated that RM showed up recently on Heroes as an 18 year old college freshman further proving my point). Molly was brought in before we had a teenager set so she had to be put in the youngest generation. When all of them left they had no where else for her to go but up, however that doesn't let them off the hook. Now we do have a teenager set, and if Chad can be swapping spit with Nicole, well, he can be swapping spit with Melanie thus removing her from Philip and Brady's circle. If the show woke up and put Melanie with that group, it certainly would improve a good deal on the character interactions across all generations. But they won't do that. Instead Chad gets bumped up to be opposite AZ. Lovely.

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