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Oct 16 2009, 12:44 PM
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About her year long absence from the show. How did they write her off? How did they wrote her back in?
If I remember correctly, it was right after the big Don/Maggie/Mickey triangle where Maggie and Don fell in love and were planning to get married while Mickey was presumed dead (actually held captive for the better part of a year by Stefano somewhere in South America). I believe Maggie left town to sort out her feelings.
And so when she returned she chose Mickey and that was that?
I don't necessarily think that was that. I know that after Maggie returned, she ended up a victim of the hospital rapist (who ended up being obsessed with Melissa). Maggie was deeply traumatized and became a near recluse in her own home, going so far as to buy a gun for protection. Mickey & Maggie were divorced, but he made frequent visits (they were back in love, but the rape became a roadblock). Mickey left some documents behind at the house and thinking Maggie was asleep, he let himself in to pick them up. Maggie, however, didn't know it was Mickey coming through the door and, in a panic, shot at him! Thankfully, Maggie's a bad shot and missed, but the event was enough to snap Maggie back to her senses and Mickey proposed marriage. Melissa and Pete were already engaged and planning a Valentine's wedding and suggested a double wedding. It was really a very short amount of time between Mickey's proposal and Valentine's Day 1986 -- a matter of weeks. Mickey & Maggie then slid to the backburner as Melissa's supportive parents (although they came mid burner when Jack romanced Melissa while running against Mickey for a political office which led to Melissa realizing Jack was a jerk and dumping him at the altar and leaving town. Of course, that was after Melissa had been arrested for attempting to poision Kayla who had been married to Jack. She was innocent.)
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