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Oct 15 2009, 06:40 PM
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Oct 14 2009, 02:59 PM
Oct 14 2009, 02:49 PM
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Oct 14 2009, 01:46 PM
I sure wish Carly had of left Rafe floating in the water. I have enjoyed the show with out him on.. he bores me to tears.
I got stuck on your Avatar for a moment... give me a moment... :sheep: wasn't the guy that played Eric so hot... Now you can see him on 'Supernatural'- YUM!

I'm back-- There is a definite problem with this comment, tomorrow he saves her from getting killed. If she woud'nt have saved him she'd be dead, she needed a hero and lucked into the "White Knight". Now back to week of the 19th, I think I figured out why EJ might go into the drug business-- To get back at Brady (but not to get him hooked). He claimed today that Brady loves Nicole, true, but who does he want to be with? Arianna... The supposed drug dealer... what if pay back is gonna be a SOB instead of a b*tch.

What if EJ figures out she is supposely a dealer, and he wants her to come work for him-- so he can expose her to Brady-- thus hurting Brady... Can anybody say "BACKFIRE."

Well really anyone could have saved her, Omar was on the boat as well. So I still wish Rafe was left floating in the water never to be seen again. Rafe is no hero in my book. He is just a boring character that Salem could totally do without IMO

Oh and Yes I sure wish they would bring the old eric back and give Rafe the boot! LOL
But Omar wasn't in the room... So there you go, still would like to see Eric back on the show, wish the same guy could play him... :soapbox: You know I figure the difference between me and some Rafe haters is I don't hate Rafe or EJ. I love them both, Rafe for being the "White Knight" and EJ for being the "Torn Prince". They are so different, and are played so well, IMO and not just mine... maybe not yours... but that's okay. Just so you're a Days of our Lives fan your okay in my book... :hug: Now Stephanie, that is a different story entirely...

Can we this week not see any poor me coming from EJ, I think it's beneath his character...
I seem to remember EJ saving Samantha's ass a couple of times in the past too! Hmmm....just sayin
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