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Oct 16 2009, 11:20 PM
Oct 16 2009, 01:38 PM
Oct 16 2009, 01:23 PM
Oct 16 2009, 01:22 PM
I think it would fun to have Kate extract her revenge by slipping Daniel some drug that makes him impotent and then find out how long it takes skank Chloe to cheat.
I'd give it 5 minutes. Tops.

Anyway, if the Daniel/Chloe relationship is really supposed to be about more than physical lust, then the actors are doing a really shitty job of conveying that. But then, Bjorlin and Christian are just shitty actors period.
I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks they are shitty actors. NB's wooden and flat line delivery and SC's gross mauling of her when they were making out just makes me cringe.

I also cannot get into the Mia or Will characters. I feel like all they do is mope, and TS has the same line delivery problem that NB does sometimes--it's flat & wooden.
I initially enjoyed Mia and Will's romance as far as teen romances go anyway but now it just bores me. And Sami and Lucas's kid should be way more... SOMETHING. Like he should be coming up with some scheme to get back at Chad or win back Mia rather than just whining and pouting all the time about this Chad guy stealing his thunder.

Casey Deidrick on the other hand... hand him the young actor Emmy already cause he's rocking it and acting his pants off (if only he was acting that hideous shirt off) better than any other young adult/teen out there.

I am really not getting Sami's behavior and reactions to the Nicole revelations at the moment. I get that she's matured and the writers are probably just setting this all up so that Sami is even more shocked/devastated when the truth comes out but I still think they are really pushing the envelope making Sami THIS magnanimous and giving the benefit of the doubt to Nicole in her "change" this much after... what exactly made Sami suddenly think Nicole was this sainted mother again? I mean I like it in the sense that it has her antagonizing EJ and he antagonizing her in that it shows the show hasn't forgotten all the fallout after Grace's death so there's hope that that will continue to be played out properly when the Sydney reveal comes, but given how anti-anti-anti Nicole she was in the beginning of her return I just am not buying that she could suddenly become such a reasonable sympathetic sucker to Nicole's shenanigans when there were so many years of built-up petty vindictiveness in their relationship before. I guess the argument can be made that losing Grace matured Sami a lot, but ehhh... I'm still not buying it all the way.

Not buying Stepford Sami either!
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