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Oh god, I just realized Daniel and Chloe are engaged - how lame! The girl isn't even 30 and going on to her THIRD marriage? This has to be some sort of record, LoL.

I think Will needs to be recast, from the very little I've seen of him. #1, he's a legacy character and deserves a better portrayal and #2, this is the son of SAMI BRADY! I want to see some personality, devious activity, and teenage scheming! I don't think it's too late to do so.

Lawrence Alamain looks so old! He was on DOOL before my time (by about 2 years), but I've seen a ton of Youtube clips. I didn't recognize him at all. I had no idea he was married to Carly in real life, lol. This leads me to another question via some Wiki-research - is Nicholas Alamain the son of Lawrence and Carly? Like, Nicholas who had an affair with Kate in 1999??? How is it possible that he was 25-ish?! The Carly I see on my screen now is definitely not old enough to play mom to Victor Webster!

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