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I still look at Phillip like a Last Blast Teen and place his age around 27 but he's most likely 30 since they had their high school reunion when Chloe returned which was probablly 3 yrs ago but feels like just yesterday to me. Phillip has always been a spoiled brat and didn't mature in my eyes until Kyle played him. Yes, Philip has a lot of life experience but is still immature with daddy issues. Melanie is sophisticated but immature also, with daddy issues. Not to mention JKJ looks very young to me, but I guess he's older than James Scott. Therefore Phelony isn't too far fetched for me to buy.

I will agree there are a million reasons why these two shouldn't be together but that's the type of couple I like. Nathan and Melanie are cute together, arent offensive in the least, they probablly should be together but that's like plain toast. Besides the age difference thing, there aren't too many reasons why the current couples on the show shouldn't be together. I guess Danloe had a taboo thing going on with the illicit affair but that's over with now. Safe & Brianna have different skin tones, but culture isn't even an issue with these pairings. I dont understand why they didn't go full steam ahead with the Romeo & Juliet angle that Ejami had built into it but instead paired up the two runway models. The future Theo will be interesting as far as seeing how an Autistic man would find love but the character will most likely be off screen by then. all the couples they have on now look like they should be together--blaah.
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