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Oct 16 2009, 08:29 AM
Oct 16 2009, 08:22 AM
Oct 15 2009, 12:55 PM
my god Hope such a freaking bitch
Isn't she now? I sat there yesterday saying "YOU RESOLVED THESE THINGS ALREADY!" It's almost like Dena and Chris want to dredge the shit up again just to create conflict.

I sure hope this story works, but so far it's not promising.
When did they resolve the Zack issues? Hell, when did they resolve any of their trust issues in the past? All we ever get is a few talks. Bo and Hope never really even got a big reconciliation after the Zack stuff. They just sort of drifted back together. That was the one thing Sheffer majorly disappointed me on. There was no resolution at all. They didn't even properly resolve the Hope/Chelsea/Billie conflict. They just had Hope suddenly bury the hatchet because it was Christmas and felt guilty. The performances of Melvin and Alfonso made the Chelsea/Hope mending of fences work but it all should've happened gradually. The show rush jobbed all of it and then Ciara was born and all of it got dropped.

The show has every right to bring all this out and it sucks that it wasn't addressed in the first place but, in a way, it sort of works out. Sometimes that happens in a marriage. Circumstances make you put aside and bury your problems but they always come back to haunt you. You can't avoid them. This is the most realistic marriage conflict story Days has had in eons and it actually stems from the characters and their history. It's not forced at all and I'm glad the show put in those scenes yesterday because it laid everything out for the audience.

We're going to agree to disagree on some of these parts. First and foremost, I am definitely looking forward to the Bo/Hope story because of the Carly involvement, etc. I do think, done correctly, this story could be a winner. I just don't trust Dena and Chris to do it the right way. This whole thing just reminds me of when JER suddenly turned Sami against John again upon his 2003 return (and it's funny, because I think the whole sudden Hope/Chelsea/Billie reconciliation stemmed from the show's desire to right what JER wronged, and there were some pissed off fans.)

I think Sheffer was one of the best things for the show in a long time. Unfortunately we won't know how good he truly could have been because of network interference, etc.
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