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Oct 18 2009, 08:02 AM
Oct 18 2009, 02:41 AM

Lawrence Alamain looks so old! He was on DOOL before my time (by about 2 years), but I've seen a ton of Youtube clips. I didn't recognize him at all. I had no idea he was married to Carly in real life, lol. This leads me to another question via some Wiki-research - is Nicholas Alamain the son of Lawrence and Carly? Like, Nicholas who had an affair with Kate in 1999??? How is it possible that he was 25-ish?! The Carly I see on my screen now is definitely not old enough to play mom to Victor Webster!

Yes Nicholas Alamain is Carly and Lawrences son.Even I had a hard time buying it even when Nicholas was having an affair with Kate.I mean when did she have him when she was two.LOL I mean in 93 Carly was 27 or 28 when she left town and I'm thinking Kate was in her 40's then.In reality though I think Nicholas is supposed to be 25 or 26.Carly had him when she was 18.Actually this character should be in this story.I'm suprised they haven't recast him ecspecially since they was mentioning him in the flashbacks and he was a part of the vivian/Carly feud.
OMG. Lol. Well they can't desoras him now - unless they just erase the history with Kate, which is plain stupid... Who's stupid idea was it to SORAS him so much in the 90s?
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