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Oct 18 2009, 03:27 PM
Phillip isn't 30 something... More like 27ish. Didn't they grad high school in 2002? That would make him almost 26. They just make the characters act older than they are (such as getting married at 21 etc.).
Chloe returned to the show in 2007 for their reunion which would have had to be up to 10 years so Philip could easily be 30. Even if he is "only" 25, he's still more mature then Melanie. Hell, I would say Mia is more mature then Melanie given she's holding down a real job and had to give up her own baby. These are the type of life lessons that can possibly let a young person be "maturer" then their real age. But now I'm sure I've just given TPTB the idea to let Philip dump Melanie for the likes of Mia. They have a weird sickness.

Regardless, JKJ is over 30 and while he looks young, I refuse to accept a man who has gone to war twice, lost a leg, gave up his own child voluntarily, been married once, had an affair, and been in a mafia war would have anything to do with a GIRL like Melanie.
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