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Oct 19 2009, 03:10 AM
Halloween Family
Oct 18 2009, 10:22 PM
Why did LH have to get her boobs done. :(
Well... in her defense... she wasn't getting any work for a while after Passions ended so maybe this helped her get on DAYS? :D

I agree with the others that the Brady and Arianna picture looks weird. Not sure what to make of the EJ and Arianna picture since it's so small and doesn't look particularly romantic. Even though I still after all the crap they've been through want EJami together in the end, I can deal with EJ somehow seducing Arianna just to piss off Brady and Rafe (and Sami)... as long as that's his motive in the situation. I can't see them as anything long-term or legitimate though.

Love the pictures of Vivian, Kate and Phillip. I have always wanted to see Vivian interact with an adult Phillip... not to have them rewrite things so Vivian is his biological mother but to have Vivian come around to have some claim on him or Phillip to seek her out for a motherly figure when Kate clearly isn't cutting it as Vivian was the woman who gave birth to Phillip. I don't know what the other person is talking about that if Vivian is the mother then Victor can't be the dad. Wasn't Phillip conceived in vitro and Vivian schemed to be the surrogate so she carried the embryo and delivered him? I have this on tape as it was a part of a Days episode than ran as part of a marathon a couple years ago, but unfortunately I can't find a clip of that scene on YouTube.
Yes, but she switched her's and Ivan's embryos with Kate's and Victor's. She was going to get rid of Kate's altogether when Ivan reminded her that Victor wouldn't forgive her for killing his son. That's when she thought of switching them so that she ended up pregnant with him (plus Victor kept carrying on about loving the woman who carried his son).

If she's just swooping in to take over where Kate is failing, I guess that makes more sense. My mind always goes to parents swaps with Days. Though really...it's a little late in Philip's life be compensating for bad mothering.
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