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What a nice interview! Ari is so adorably excited, and it sounds like Kyle is being a model hubby! :-) Glad she will be taking some time off to enjoy the new baby, especially since it's her first. Clearly they've timed the baby-napping reveal to coincide with Ari's leave, which makes sense because once everyone finds out the horrible thing Nicole did, she's going to need to leave town - I sure wouldn't want to be within range of either EJ or Sami when they find out she let them think their baby was somebody else's, and mourn a baby that belonged to somebody else. In fact I'll be interested to see how in the world they redeem the character, if they can. Temporary insanity due to her miscarriage or something maybe. Steffie and Doc Baker are the only ones who really know just how cold-blooded and deliberate her deception and baby theft was, so she might get away with claiming she lost it, who knows. I think Ari will have a lot more meaty scenes upon her return, for sure!
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