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I love all the assumptions that Melanie likes Philip "for him." Where is the evidence for that? She certainly didn't like him when he screwed her and then dumped her the next day. I don't think she much cared for him when he was trying to take the AFP project away from her. She certainly didn't like him when he turned her in regarding planting Trent's wallet on Stephanie. The only thing that supports the idea that "she likes him for him" is that she doesn't have a problem with his criminal lifestyle. I never that that was the sum total of Philip. Plus, I wonder just how long that acceptance would last if she were the target for a change.

I thought Bo was at least 26-27 when he and Hope first got together. Wasn't he the same age as Steve Johnson? I thought that was why Doug had the heart attack - here's this older guy, a harley riding, ex-merchant marine all tattooed up and he's hot for his baby girl...

I think Bo was supposed to be in his early 20's. In the bits and pieces we got of the time when Steve and Bo were in the Merchant Marines, it was always my understanding that Steve was older than Bo by several years and was kind of a big brother figure to Bo. Plus, Bo is younger than Kayla and Kayla was never supposed to be older than Steve. Part of Doug's objections might have been that Bo was older, but I think that was because Bo was in his early 20's and Hope was still a teenager.
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