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I'm so sick of Sami defending Nicole to EJ. I can't wait until she finds out Sydney is her baby and I really hope she lets Nicole have it. I'm pissed Arianne Zucker's pregnant because I want to see Sami beat the living shit out of Nicole for what she did, epecially after having to endure months of Nicole pimping from Sami, who is forced to look like a complete idiot and defend her "friend." Hopefully, we can get a Nicole stunt double.

I loved Lexie today, especially during the scenes with EJ when he came to the hospital and was surprised to see her with Sydney. She refused to deny Sydney and told EJ that she was her niece and goddaughter. Who cares what DNA says. That's the Lexie I wanted to see. That's the Lexie that kept the truth about Zach and JT.

Glad to see Nicole is willing to resort to her roots to get what she wants. By roots, I mean using her body and sex.

I like Will and Mia going to Sami for help in keeping Chad from getting Sydney. Will grew up watching Sami scheme, so it's a no-brainer that he would go to Sami for help in a little scheming of his own. I liked that they touched upon Will usually hating Sami's scheming, but realizing it comes in handy every now and then. Now start scheming yourself, Will, and prove you are Lucas and Sami's son!

Victor vs. Lexie was a nice random treat. I'm glad she didn't back down. Lexie DiMera ain't scared of nobody, including Victor Kiriakis.

Brady and Arianna's storyline sucks, but the chemistry is there and I just like to look at them in scenes together. I don't pay attention to anything that actually happens. They're just so good looking, especially together. I'm glad Victor caught them kissing though. It adds some element of interest into the stale storyline.

Nathan and Melanie are great together. Maggie's coming off as an annoying bitch though, but I guess that's her role since neither Melanie or Nathan's moms are in the picture and that's something a mother would do.
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