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Danloe--I really wish I was into these two but I just cant due to the bad acting and breathless way they speak. I wish Dan would dye his hair to match Nadia's hair. She needs someone who matches her like when she was with KL they had the matching eyes and with Brandon and their matching eyes and hair. I did enjoy sexually agressive Chloe though, the way Dan gets his hands all tangled up in her hair and they way Chloe's face gets beard burn.

AZ was so pretty when she was crying, it looked like diamonds fells from her eyes. I thought I saw a flicker of compassion for Nicole in EJ's eyes while his mouth showed disgusted contempt.

Bope was so awesome on 10/15. It really hit home for me, it looked like a real marital fight and I loved how they dredged up old history.

Ej's line "...and take 'that' with you" was powerful, I saw it as a way to disconnect himself emotionally and I think it's to make EJ look stupid like when he told Sami to "take your ophan with you" once everything is out in the open.

I dont understand how EJ thought Nicole adopted Syd legally. Isn't adoption a complicated and invasive procedure where they look into your home, etc?

Brianna is sooooooooooooo blahhhhhhhhhhh. Will and Mia had more warmth in their kiss compared to Brady and Ari.

What's with Sami and the ill fitting clothes. They went from making her look like a sausage in the grey suit to this oversized black thing.

I loved the evil glare Sami gave EJ on 10/16, I miss that Sami.
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