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Oct 19 2009, 01:43 PM
We could always use more shots of EJ's ass! Hell, what about shirtless?

On that note, I find myself oddly attracted to Victor and Stefano. WTF! Their trivia had me stop and take notice. LOL!

AS looked extra beautiful today, more mature than usual, especially next to Will and Mia. I think they ARE kind of grooming her to be the next Marlena, especially with all of the 80s blazers. When did those come back in style.
She did a great job with her material with EJ today, and I loved her pleading with him to stop being such a whiny ass.

Chad's little attitude and his "where's my kid" are getting old fast. I know I am not supposed to, but I am looking forward to Nicole sticking it to that little butthole. And someone get him another shirt. Between that shirt and that tanktop with the bra strap, how do chicks dig on this guy?
I am just waiting for EJ to put the smackdown. He's a little too cocky for such a weeny little dude.

Brady/Arianna = snoozeville.

And Maggie needs to seriously butt out. Nathan is a grown man, last I checked. And kind of has a clue that Melanie and Phillip have a little history, so he should go into this with eyes wide open.

Good show today. Lots of characters on.
YES! to all!

AS did great but I still wanted to punch her in her hypocritical mouth...."I'd keep my baby away from you because you are such an evil unloving father, but you should fight to keep Sydney because you love her so much." WTF, pick a side.

Chad needs to get out of that shirt immediately if not sooner. I'd never hand my kid over to a kid wearing that bit of crap.

I can only hope that they will either fire Arianna up or fire her completely. That character sucks ostrarich eggs, there is nothing of interest and am certainly not buying that she is a super star undercover drug dealer. Not.one.bit.

I'd love to see Maggie with a real storyline rather than mother hen-ing the rest of Salem.
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