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Philip treating Melanie like shit half the time is certainly one of the issues. I also have no idea why Melanie cares about Philip. That was always a criticism of Stephanie and Philip (why do they care about each other) and it applies equally to Melanie and Philip. Setting aside the physical attraction (which I don't understand at all, but I'll accept that the writers have told us exists), what else is there? Melanie's original interest was founded upon Philip's money and power. Then they added her rivalry with Stephanie. But that was it. I'll concede they developed some kind of friendship when Stephanie was kidnapped, but I guess I've seen very little evidence that Melanie knows/cares about Philip the person, instead of Philip the Kiriakis heir and Titan CEO.

Of course, I have the same criticism of Melanie's interest in Nathan. I have no idea why she likes him beyond the fact that he is cute. I have more understanding of Melanie's friendship with Brady than I do her relationship with either Philip or Nathan.
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