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Hmmm...that's a good question. Mainly its for the reasons you outlined; phillip is good looking, rich, powerful, older which plays into daddy Trent and cocky. Obviously Melanie's physically attracted to him and Phillip oddly enough seems attracted to her to too, not only in the writing but in the way JKJ interacts with MB, granted he's not going to slobber all over himself for her. Melanie doesn't fit his image of what his woman should look like or even act like. . However, Phillip likes the way Melanie looks at him, it feeds his ego. Of course Stephanie's attracted to him too but she's constantly on him about morals (because they are in an actual relationship) which makes him feel bad. Phillip doesn't like to feel bad. He also isn't your typical villian, he's very similar to Sami in that they both want to be good but their selfish nature, their mommy/daddy issues pop up and steer them in the wrong direction. Both Sami and Phillip dont dream about being with the bad boy or bad girl but in Phillip's case he almost can't help it due to the prinipal of people being attracted to what they know...what they grew up with. In Phillip's case, Melanie is similar to mommy Kate.

As for what Melanie sees in Nathan, I think it's just what you mention and I think he fits another ideal image of a good man and they have the medical profession in common, not to mention living together and caring about Maggie. The relationship is new so there's not much there. Nathan sees a fun girl, who crushes on him which feeds his ego and they shared the experience of saving Chloe. Also, it's kind of a 'why not' reason why they are dating.

Nathan & Stephanie don't really have to much to go on because they hardly know each other but their morality matches a little better, they work together, have charity work in common and mainly they both light up like christmas trees when they see one another.
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