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I'm kind of disappointed he didn't ask her about Ivan. I'm pretty sure it's already been confirmed that Ivan won't be returning with Vivian, but I wanted to hear what Sorel thought about it.

Can we safely assume Vivian is back with revenge in mind?
Thatís the plan. Carly has rudely stabbed Lawrence with a knife. Iím not sure why. He had some sort of illness or he turned into another personÖI donít quite understand the plot but itís something like that. Carly will get caught in the murder but Vivian has her exonerated by having someone else confess to the crime.Vivian wants to be the one who tortures Carly.

Wow. So Vivian has someone else confess to killing Lawrence just so she can go after Carly herself. I love it!

People still talk about the buried-alive plot. Hard to believe itís been 16 years.
Itís all a blur. I was in the hospital [eight years ago] with Crystal when she gave birth to her first child, Jake, and I just saw him for the first time since then. I canít believe how the time has passed! Crystal and Michael look so beautiful. Well, she has always been one of the great beauties but he now has this wild wonderful look about him. Like a mad prince. And my son! You know, the one Vivian gave birth to, like, 14 years ago? Have you seen this Jay Johnson whoís playing the role? He is so beautiful I canít bear it. Heís extraordinary. He looks like an English poem. I just canít stop staring at the man! Wow.

Her comment about Johnson had me laughing. I can't wait to see Vivian and Philip's first scene together.

Letís get back to your Passions gig. What the hell was that? [Creator/head writer] Jim Reilly had you playing a character who gutted tuna in a fish cannery but the part never amounted to anything. A true case of all guts, no glory.
I try to forget about it. The whole thing was revolting, simply revolting. I hadnít read the script. They offered me the role. I said yes. And then I get to the set at 6 AM and theyíve brought in pounds and pounds of fresh tuna and weíd have to cut their heads off. I was so nauseated.

Fuck her PSNS role. What was the character's name? Dort?! That was so stupid.

Things sort of went south with Vivian toward the end of your previous run. Reilly had you dressing up in the most nonsensical get-ups Ė it eventually became goofiness for the sake of goofiness. What was all that about?
I donít know. I did take that problem upstairs to the producersí office. I said, ďWhat has happened to Vivian? She used to be sophisticated and intelligent!Ē I guess I probably bent a few egos because I understand now that one of the people I was [complaining to] was actually doing some of the writing. But it was a fair question. I did everything they asked me to do. Full out. No matter what. Iíve been bald. Iíve been a bag lady. Iíve been Elvis. I was a hyperthyroid Mary Had a Little Lamb. I even dressed up as a box of french fries. It was coming out of nowhere but thatís what you get paid to do and I did it.

I bet the producer she's talking about is Tom Langan.
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