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I agree that Nicole is terrible, but I don't know... for some reason, all the things she's done seem different to the stuff Sami did in the past. Nicole seems 'broken' to me - all the abuse she had as a child turned her into this person that just seeks out love but doesn't know how to do it right because she's never had it modeled to her...
Sami on the other hand kidnapped her own sister, made her sister think she was infertile, and kept Austin away from the person he loved on a number of occasions, she did really weird and wonderful things as 'Stan' that are right up there with the stuff EJ did, she raped Austin (by drugging him), switched medical results, blackmailed Lexi, etc, etc. And now they're trying to redeem her character... If they want to do the same thing for EJ, Sami is the perfect partner for him - she's walked the same road.
Nicole is still broken. Even the Sydney swap thing was done after a miscarriage. She needs someone that was as broken as she still is now, but was able to heal... Brady was perfect. But if they don't want to go down that road, find someone else for her. Since people keep going on about Phillip having to find someone closer to his own age, why not Nicole?... She's not that much older. He's been broken, still is in part, so why not?
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