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So in other words MTS re-signed in good faith last July after difficult contract negotiations now SONY is going to shaft her? The people at SONY are rumored to be very petty. Maybe they are trying to get back at MTS because she had the "nerve" to take a stance against them. Or maybe they just wanted to bring Nikki back so they could write her and Victor off together but neglected to mention that "minor fact" to MTS.

I can't speak to DAYS because I don't watch that show. Maybe they have good writers who came up with story lines that continued to interest viewers even after favorites were written off. But MAB is a hack who can't write a decent story line even when popular characters are on the show. If an actress of MTS' caliber is let go as well as other veterans (I think this is only the beginning -already there are rumors that once the baby story line ends Eileen Davidson will be gone)coupled with the atrocious writing Y&R is going to sink even further than it already has.
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