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Oct 21 2009, 05:39 PM
Oct 21 2009, 05:29 PM
So in other words MTS re-signed in good faith last July after difficult contract negotiations now SONY is going to shaft her? The people at SONY are rumored to be very petty.
It sounds to me like the people in charge are trying to pull a "Days" by cutting the biggest stars and doing whatever they can to re-invent the show for cheaper. With Days, it seems to be working... ratings-wise, anyway. Y&R, however, will fail if they try this. Victor and Nikki aren't nearly as unimportant to Y&R as John and Marlena were to Days in the last ten years.

Until just recently, the best thing Y&R had going for it was its stability. Not just cast stability, but creative stability. That's one of the reasons it's been at the top of the ratings for so long. It's part of what set it apart from all the other shows. However, if it continues going down this path much longer, I fear it's going to become "just another soap."
Exactly! Y&R is NOT DAYS, and the axing of the DH's can't compare to cutting vets at Y&R! John and Marlena were put through so many inconsistent plot contrivances over the years that the integrity of the characters was compromised IMO! I think Sony is aiming to do EXACTLY what they did at DAYS! The grooming of Billy Abbott to fill Jack's shoes in the Abbott/Newman feud, the talk of Adam becoming the "next Victor" , the virtual disappearance of Neil and other factors all lead me to believe that PB, KSJ, ED , DD and possibly even Jess Walton are "on the bubble" right behind EB and MTS! But they may as well pull the plug on the show if they think the DAYS strategy will work here! The show went through enormous upheaval when it went to an hour and the Brooks and Foster families were gradually phased out but it WAS gradual and there was still consistency as Bill Bell used Jill/Katherine to great effect and built on other characters already on canvas such as Jack Abbott, Paul Williams, Nikki Reed and Victor Newman! This soap is rapidly going down the creative drain and the obvious backstage tension and low morale of the cast is no secret! Even when LML was running the show, I don't recall as many fans being so critical of the show! It's sad because this was the one soap that got it "right" for so long and SHOULD have been the model for other shows to follow! Now the number one rated soap of 2 decades is following the "model" of other soaps and is losing it's "identity"!
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