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Oct 21 2009, 09:36 PM
^^^Katherine is 80! IA that separating Nikki from Victor reinvigorated the character.
But Katherine represents 80 appropriately and with relevance. What's gone wrong with Victor is he's overstayed his welcome on the older man, play boy island and now it's simply not working. They've written themselves into a corner with him - the man's been married twice in two years, and is apparently still knocking chicks up like it's no big deal.

They can't all of a sudden just turn around and write him as an endearing older man, kind of like what they've done with Kay.

From a TV Execs position, I do agree he's expendable, especially if you're trying to make cuts. Again, though, from a PR perspective, losing a consistent icon is never a good thing. And from the fan's perspective, we all love our vets!
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