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Damn...I had just typed all this up Angie and was going to post it to help you and Ellie out since it had not been posted yet. Oh well LOL. You guys did a better job then me anyway.

"There is a lot going on and it's going on in a rapid pace, " says Executive Producer Ken Corday. "There is a big reveal in the baby story, but it's not the end....."

Corday needs to quit recycling old quotes. Seriously, he is always reusing the same crap. It's a like he does it in cycles. This time he uses the "alot will happen at a quick pace" quote. Can we please get Tomlin next time? Thanks.

Sami/Nicole/EJ/Rafe:We will get the reunion of Sami and Rafe. Sami will learn that Sydney's her daughter, but EJ is the one to have a meltdown after finding this out. Sami and Nicole will have a major showdown. Nicole will decide to run away with the baby after she is arrested. A big story here is what this will do to EJ, who has been deceived three times. Look for Nicole to go to jail, which will coincide with Ari's maternity leave.

Can't wait for the Sami and Rafe reunion. This all sounds great. I also like how he didn't give away how everything unfolded. You can tell Corday has no idea what is going on at Days other then the basic gist of things. He's nothing but a mouthpiece now and that is why he's not spilling as much detail as he used to. I like that. No one wants the story to be given away in a preview article. Can't wait for EJ's reaction and Sami vs Nicole. Interesting that Nicole plans to run away with Sydney AFTER she gets arrested. That means my dream of Sami getting Sydney back as a Christmas miracle is still alive LOL. I bet that is what happens and why they casted all those minor roles for something involving Cleveland. Nicole will run off and hide out with her mother. That is my theory and I'm sticking to it LOL.

Bo/Hope/Carly/Justin: Carly's arrival marked the beginning of a very big story. There will be a slow burn into it. Bo and Hope are growing apart in their marriage. Carly is there for Bo, and Justin for Hope. And then Vivian returns to town.

Again, Corday knowing nothing about anything. There is no detail here at all but, again, I like that. I just wish he gave us a little more about Vivian. Oh well. Sounds good and I like that they are taking it slow and going according to plan. That is good writing.

Brady/Arianna: Arianna confesses to Brady that she's working undercover for the cops. He promises to help her investigate who is running the drugs through Salem. Are we building a relationship between these two? Yes. In the end though, I don't think she's going to end up with Brady.

I'm so happy this story is finally moving. Brady helping Arianna will be interesting and given EJ is now in charge of the drug organization I bet they are setting up a Arianna/Brady/Nicole/EJ quad. That is fine by me. Also, further proof Corday has no idea what the fuck is going on. He THINKS she won't end up with Brady. LMAO. I love Tomlin for keeping Corday the hell out of things. I still hate that Corday even went there thougyh. DON'T GIVE AWAY STORY!! You don't tell an audience what the determined end result might be, you moron. Otherwise, why should people watch? At least he wasn't sure of what the end result was so it keeps it open. I do like EM and LH and they do have chemistry but I think Brady and Nicole is where it's at, long-term. They need to go there IMO.

Melanie/Nathan/Stephanie/Phillip: It's a merry-go-round with them. Melanie is torn between Nathan and Phillip. The rooting interest is for Melanie and Nathan, and eventually for Phillip and Stephanie to get past their problems. We are not there yet.

Again, STOP GIVING AWAY WHO THE FUCKING ROOTING INTERESTS ARE!! Let the audience realize that. Don't tell them. God, I hate Corday. Anyway, I think the audience already assumes this and I'm starting to wish they move Philip and Stephanie away from these two because I don't like the way it's being played on their end. I like Philip/Melanie and Nathan/Stephanie too but I just feel like they are doing nothing with them but playing them on the outside looking in. Have Philip make a play for Melanie. Have Stephanie make a play for Nathan. Do something. All the development is on Nathan and Melanie's side so the show needs to spread the wealth in that area and fast. Hopefully, they do because this quad has potential still IMO. Also, I would've liked more info here. This is way too vague and I like vague but this is more about Corday telling us what is liked and not about what is going to happen.

Daniel/Chloe: She learns she can't have children. Will they overcome to devastating news? He is a nice guy he should be able to get past the fact that she can't have babies.

Ok...I like couple issues like this but I hope we involve them in more then just this. I'm sure Chloe will be involved with Nicole and all but how about Daniel? Why not involve him more in Kiriakis issues or something? If they are going to stick around (and I'm still not sure they will be), they need to be more involved on the canvas.

Chad/Mia/Will: Chad and Mia are devasted when they find out that their baby is the one who died. It will bring them closer. Look for Rafe and Arianna's sister Gabby to come to town and fold into this story.

Looking forward to this. I'm assuming Gabby will take to Will because they look like a good match. They did a hell of a better job casting Gabby then they did Chad, who still just looks way too old. Sorry. I look forward to Chad and Mia learning the truth but I just can't get into them as a couple. It just looks...off. Casey is great but he should be playing someone else and should be with Melanie/Nathan/Stephanie. He would play great there but too late for that now.

Victor/Kate/Stefano/Vivian: We will be playing these four and it will be very interesting.

WTF? That's it. You can't give us more then that. Why is it interesting, Corday? That isn't being vague. That is wasting space in a magazine LOL. More proof he has no idea what is going on, which is good as I said. I do like that these four will be involved with each other. It reminds me of JER's first run in a way when you saw very strong C stories to go along with the A and B ones.

All in all, we already knew sweeps would be big with the baby switch reveal and Vivian returning. I can't wait for what is to come!

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