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A fabulous face from the past resurfaces this week; the incomparable Vivian. Louise Sorel discusses her characters return.

SOW:People are so excited about Vivian coming back.

LS:I've heard that, but it's so hard to digest because it's been 10 years. Can you believe it? What took them so long? I love the character and always thought it was insane to drop her. I said that when I left the show.

SOW:Who contacted you about returning?

LS:Gary Tomlin. Gary told me Crystal Chappell was coming back, which I already knew. Gary said they were thinking of bringing Vivian back, too. I was nonplussed.

SOWS:And interested?

LS:Oh, yes. Gary said he had to get back to the writers, so I let it go. It was at least three weeks before my agent called and said "This is a reality."

SOW:What was your first day on the set like?

LS:Very emotional. I went in for a fitting. I walked down the hallway and saw the old pictures that were all still there of Mac Carey. Then I saw the crew, and that did it for me. I burst into tears. I love those guys. I always did.

SOW:When we first see Vivian, she's receiving Lawrence's ashes. What can you share about that scene?

LS:It's very brief and very mysterious. There's a big hat. Then there's my face and a voice: "Find Carly Manning." It's one of those ominous kickoffs on a Friday. Interestingly enough, just before Halloween, the witch is back.

SOW:So that animosity for Carly is still there?

LS:Alive and kicking. Vivian plans to torture her, although I don't know how. She's convinced that Carly killed Lawrence.

SOW:Have you gotten to work with Crystal yet?

LS:Yes. It's hard to hate her (onscreen). It's like I have to turn on a switch. I've known her for 14 years.

SOW:And will you get to work with Michael at all, despite Lawrence being dead?

LS:Lawrence comes back as a ghost. I'm hoping the ghost visits me. I love him. He's a lovely man. They're both amazing.

SOW:What have you been doing since you left DAYS?

LS:I did a couple of other shows (Port Charles and Passions) and some theater. I didn't purposely check out, but it gets more and more difficult for those of us who are not 20. I didn't put myself in a position where if I didn't work I couldn't pay my bills. Bascially, I'd gone on in my life to write. I started taking writing courses.

SOW:So what's Vivian like this time around?

LS:I'm just grasping that. She's definitely as annoying as ever and funny. Nobody welcomes her. Everybody says "Go away"
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