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"There is a lot going on and it's going on in a rapid pace, " says Executive Producer Ken Corday. "There is a big reveal in the baby story, but it's not the end....."

I may start to sound like a broken record, but could we please have an interview from the show's HEAD WRITER for once?

Sami/Nicole/EJ/Rafe:We will get the reunion of Sami and Rafe. Sami will learn that Sydney's her daughter, but EJ is the one to have a meltdown after finding this out. Sami and Nicole will have a major showdown. Nicole will decide to run away with the baby after she is arrested. A big story here is what this will do to EJ, who has been deceived three times. Look for Nicole to go to jail, which will coincide with Ari's maternity leave.

Glad to see we get a Sami and Nicole showdown before Arianne Zucker's leaves. I hope a stunt double is used and we get to see Sami beat the living shit out of Nicole for everything that she's done.

I'm glad we're going to see this from EJ's point of view as well.

Bo/Hope/Carly/Justin: Carly's arrival marked the beginning of a very big story. There will be a slow burn into it. Bo and Hope are growing apart in their marriage. Carly is there for Bo, and Justin for Hope. And then Vivian returns to town.

Bo and Carly and Justin and Hope are so refreshing. I may be in the minority, but I'm ready for a Bo and Hope break. At least this time, it won't be for the 353429th time with Billie or that nobody Patrick Lockhart.

Brady/Arianna: Arianna confesses to Brady that she's working undercover for the cops. He promises to help her investigate who is running the drugs through Salem. Are we building a relationship between these two? Yes. In the end though, I don't think she's going to end up with Brady.

Finally! Something interesting happens and this story moves on. I'm glad to see Brady is joining her in the investigation. I hope there are still traces to Victor though even though he sold his territory to EJ. I love how Corday says that they're building to a relationship, yet he doesn't tihnk Arianna's going to end up with Brady. Then why are we building this relationship? Oh well. I hope this means Arianna is going to end up with EJ after that picture we saw. James Scott and Lindsay Hartley looked smoking hot in that picture.

Melanie/Nathan/Stephanie/Phillip: It's a merry-go-round with them. Melanie is torn between Nathan and Phillip. The rooting interest is for Melanie and Nathan, and eventually for Phillip and Stephanie to get past their problems. We are not there yet.

Glad to hear Melanie and Nathan and Philip and Stephanie are the rooting couples. While I wouldn't mind Nathan and Stephanie ending up as a couple, I don't want Philip anywhere near Melanie, romantically, in the long run. I really wish they would move Philip into the Brady, Arianna, Nicole, Sami, EJ, Rafe, Chloe territory and away from the kids. He would fit in so much better there. Move him out and develop a Melanie/Nathan/Stephanie triangle. I'd love it.

Daniel/Chloe: She learns she can't have children. Will they overcome to devastating news? He is a nice guy he should be able to get past the fact that she can't have babies.

Oh dear God! Why does every woman in Salem have to be told they can't have children? This is ridiculous and I don't see why soaps still use this cliche to produce drama when in a few years, when they need the story, they're just going to reverse it and produce some "miracle" and Chloe will end up pregnant. I'm sure Daniel will be devestated that Chloe can't have his child, which will lead him to his next prey, a woman that can have children. Maybe Lexie? I'll take it!

Chad/Mia/Will: Chad and Mia are devasted when they find out that their baby is the one who died. It will bring them closer. Look for Rafe and Arianna's sister Gabby to come to town and fold into this story.

Yay for Chad and Mia coming together in the end as they grieve their real baby's death. Please make Mia going to Chad bring out the bad boy in Will and he starts scheming to get Mia, just like his parents used to when they were his age. And I hope that Gabby is the "Lucas" to Will's "Sami" and the two are just partners in crime at first, but wind up having a thing for each other. I'll take it!

Victor/Kate/Stefano/Vivian: We will be playing these four and it will be very interesting.

In other words, they have no real story, but we'll throw them in a couple episodes each month and let them spar with one another, but nothing will ever amount to an actual story for them.
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