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The week begins with Hope moving out with Ciara and into the Kiriakis mansion. Bo arrives home and finds Hope packing her things to leave. "it's the same old story: Ciara can't be in the house anymore, there are too many bad memories, she needs a different environment, "rattles off Reckell. "Bo's like, 'Well, lets sell the house and get another one.' He offers everything he can." Hope isn't interested, because she has already found another home; the Kiriakis mansion."To Bo, that's unbelieveable," admits Reckell. "How could Hope even consider living with a criminal?" Hope goes on about how much Grandpa Victor loves Ciara and that he has a great backyard. Even though Bo hates this and doesn't want them to go, he goes along with it. "He realizes the bottom line is Hope needs more time," concedes Reckell.

But, being home alone turns out to be the best thing for Bo because he discovers someone breaking into the house, and it's his ex, Carly. "Bo lets them come in and tackles them to the ground, "says PR. He turns the person over and it's Carly. "At first, he's like, 'What the heck is she doing here?'" previews Reckell. Lawrence's death comes into the picture, and being that they have the history they have, she tells Bo why she did it. He's the only one who knows, so they go from there. Bo has no reason not the believe her. "Carly and Bo's whole relationship started with Bo kicking the crap out of Lawrence, because he was beating up on Carly. Bo's upset for Carly and want's to help her." He agrees to protect her from Lawrence's clan.

Meanwhile, Hope arrives at Victor's, prompting him to call Bo and demand he get over there at once to talk to her. However, Bo's a little busy and tells Victor he can't. "So what if Victor says, 'Come over?'" shrugs PR. "Hope was very emphatic that she needed time alone. Bo's giving her the time and space she asked for."

Bo agrees to help Carly and keep her hidden, but she's almost discovered by Maggie. who quickly informs Hope there's a woman at her house. Hope shows up and Bo admits that and old friend from out of town was there. He just avoids any facts about who she is.

Carly sneaks out to check on Rafe and Bo follows. Later she retuns home and breaks down in Bo's arms. She admits that she fears for her life. She also tells Bo this isn't just about her. It invovles someone else too. "He's being a friend, just listening and comforting her," explains PR. Could there be more? "Oh, no. That doesn't even enter his mind. He wants to make sure his family gets back together. The romantic part of it doesn't even occur to him. For Bo, she was not a replacement fo Hope; she was held in a different place in his heart." "She's more like a dear friend who he experienced lots of things with."

Bo better be on his toes; Lawrence's Aunt Vivian is back and determined to make Carly pay for her crime.
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