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On the surface, I agree it's out of character. However, when thinking about the situation, I think it works.

First off, Hope wants her space. If she stays with Caroline, Alice, Maggie, etc...they will just pester her and bombard her with "you should talk to Bo" crap. She wants to keep her distance to contemplate things without actually leaving town and what better then the Kiriakis Mansion? Sure, Victor wants Bo and Hope together but Victor is not the type to push. The mansion is big and no one else there will get on her case. Justin is also there too. Plus, Hope knows Bo doesn't like spending much time around the Kiriakis branch of his family so she knows he won't be one to come around much. It makes perfect sense to me. Maggie probably has no space and, even if she did, do you want all those people around in a house of that size? The mansion wouldn't have that issue.

If Jennifer were in town, then that would be different because Jennifer was never one to push Hope. She would state her case and just be supportive. However, since she's not, then I can buy this.

The rest sounds good. Love the Carly/Bo stuff. It's so organic and I love the way they are approaching it.
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