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Miss Rhi
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Oct 22 2009, 02:16 PM
Daniel/Chloe: She learns she can't have children. Will they overcome to devastating news? He is a nice guy he should be able to get past the fact that she can't have babies.

Oh dear God! Why does every woman in Salem have to be told they can't have children? This is ridiculous and I don't see why soaps still use this cliche to produce drama when in a few years, when they need the story, they're just going to reverse it and produce some "miracle" and Chloe will end up pregnant. I'm sure Daniel will be devestated that Chloe can't have his child, which will lead him to his next prey, a woman that can have children. Maybe Lexie? I'll take it!
I'm also pissed that they are making Chloe sterile too. I swear they want to make Sami the only female character on the show that is fertile and able to have children. Hey maybe she can be a surrogate for Danloe and any other couple who can't conceive down the road, it could be Sami's new job. She certainly has experience in the birthing department.
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