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Roger, I'm getting an error message when I try to go to Part 4 of the interview. It's not just the link because I tried again through the site itself and it didn't work.

Fantastic interview by the way! I loved it. My mother used to tell me about old stories on Days and she always descirbed the Mickey Horton/Marty Hanson & Maggie Simmons storyline to me. Not once did it ever occur to me that they were on that farm for years before returning to Salem and that the entire storyline lasted for 7 years! Very interesting.

I also recall her re-appearing on the show in the 80s and, though she didn't gain much weight in real life, you could see her neck had swelled & her face puffed up. My mother & grandmother always used to comment on it until my mom found out from a friend about Rogers' condition.

I always had an attachment to Suzanne & Maggie so I was already devastated that she was going to be killed. It hurt even more that Rogers got her first real story in years & she played the hell out of it. She was brilliant throughout the buildup and of course in that painful climax. She reminded those of us who know her work that she was an actress to be reckoned with and showed a whole new generation of fans what a powerhouse she can be when given the ball.

I'm glad that the show recognized this and they're finally using her. And I think her friend may be on to something with Mags and man whore Daniel. Wouldn't a Chloe/Daniel/Maggie triangle just be delicious?
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