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It really is a shame that this show that has performed well on Thursday is now being thrown in the garbage on Friday. Yes the Thursday ratings were declining, but look at Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives and many other shows. It's ratings were still good enough for ABC to give the show a few more years. They just needed to find a new night that's more compatible for it.

Right now they know 'the forgotten' is a complete and total flop. Shut down production and act like it never existed. Tuesdays can start off with Ugly Betty, a family friendly show that would fit perfectly with Dancing with the Stars. Then end the night with V which seems more like a 10pm show anyway. Eastwick is also doing worse on Wednesday than Betty is doing on Friday which speaks volumes. If you can't score 5 million viewers after their successful comedy block, something is seriously wrong. The only problem there is that I don't know if Betty could work at that hour. With the comedy block it's possible a lighter show like Betty could work.

Of course with V coming so soon I don't think ABC is going to make any changes until that show hits the air. I just now wonder if ABC will do anything. Will they let Betty die on Friday for one final year, or will they use it to replace one of these failing new dramas.

I really hope they give it a go. The show has been great this season and even if it weren't, at worst, Betty was still a very good show. I want another two seasons at least!
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