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Oct 24 2009, 09:55 PM
Oct 24 2009, 09:45 PM
Oct 24 2009, 07:50 PM
Anyone else interested in Days exploring Justin and Hope for a little while? Am I the only one?
Nope. I want it too. I want Bo and Carly for awhile too. Bo and Hope are stale as a couple and as characters. They need something to spice them up and as long as they continue to tell this story the way they are with Bo and Hope separating over their issues gradually...I'm game.

As for the whole acting issue, the acting wasn't always good under Ed Scott either. The first 6 months it was but that was because the writing was there. When he started messing with the writing and it became all over the place, the acting went downhill as a whole too. I also think you shouldn't need someone like Ed to demand good performances from you. It's your job to act. If you need someone to demand you do better or to guide you along, choose a new profession. The issue is soaps have always been like a training ground for actors, especially new and young ones. Sometimes it takes an actor awhile to get going. Look at Ari Zucker and Kristian Alfonso in their early days. They stunk and look at them now. Taylor has already shown she can potential as Mia. I think she's still learning. Dylan showed he has potential too. I don't think he will ever be great but he will be serviceable. One thing I think needs to happen is they need to make Will more dynamic. They are writing him like they do Lucas and it sucks. Give him more of an edge. His best stuff was in his first 6 months when he was somewhat moody at times.

While we are on the subject of acting, Nadia Bjorlin has actually been much better since Chloe woke up from her coma. She's not as monotone as she was IMO.
I don't think it was the demand. I think it was the, you know...treating it like a show and not just something to pu t on the air. They still had rehearsals and they still did reshoots. They don't do that now, and it shows.
Well, the situation is very different now than under Ed Scott. Ed Scott still had money to play with his uniq simulator for the plane crash scenes. And the show still generally taped one episode per day.

But the budget was slashed for 40 percent and the only way to save so much money was to drastically cut the studio time. Crystal Chappel said the taping schedule now has 15 weeks of studio dark per year. And I recently discovered the twitter of Ronald E. Howard, the AD, and in one of his tweets he says they just taped 130 pages of script in 6 hours! Thatīs crazy. Not even the best actors in the world would always stay perfect in that kind of enviroment.

Iīm pretty sure the worst thing any actor can do is mess things enough so the show has to go overtime. And I think thatīs the reason many actors stays monotone most of the time. Itīs safe.

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