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Hmmm, what we learned....

1. Katerina is one week early for Halloween.
2. Henderson shouts loudly into the phone.
3. Wally Kurth is suffering from Mia Syndrome (smiling when somber is called for)
4. Lead characters actually get Java Cafe coffee cups with actual beverages rather than empty cups.
5. It really is a 12-hour flight to Rio.
6. Stefano has frequent flier miles?
7. Arianna had her implants before she went to prison.
8. Those four strategic, brief flashbacks explained everything about Carly that we needed to know. Post-1994 viewers now are up to speed.

I do not like the jovial, chipper, happy-go-lucky 'tude on display by Katerina. She is on the run for murder and cracking jokes about Victor's age and Rafe's recovery, flaunting her Mata Hari wardrobe, pranking Henderson, and after smashing a window that really doesn't even allow her to reach the door lock, rolling on the ground with her ex-. This is a different character than what we saw LAST WEEK, much less 16 years ago.
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