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WOW.....I did remember SN and MBE on GH as Katherine and Stefan. I think in that case SN was brought on before for the Nicolas SL. He also was brought to really humanize Laura because Luke always put her up on this pedestal and finding out she had a son before theirs was so soapy drama. SN and GF has TONS of chemistry and I rooted for them to be together...but when youre competing against "Luke and Laura" might as well see the writing on the wall!

MBE then came in as a foil for I believe Luc?y (its been WAY too long.) She and Lucy Coe would have
these great verbal sparring matches! Laura was also jealous of SN making eyes at her. In the end, I dont know why it didnt work out? They did have chemistry, but I believe that TPTB didnt want them. So she slept with Nicolas and was killed (I believe by Alexis?)

As for Arianna. I didnt watch passions, but this actress was so hyped as the "diva" coming and the lovestory part deux here in DAYS, but frankly it feels so flat. They constantly start and stop with Brianna. One week Brady loves her, the next he could care less and is helping Nicole.

I do want to see more then friendship chemistry between Brady and Nicole but the only time I saw her actually let herself think of loving him was at the cabin, getting ready for her wedding to EJ. I just dont get why Brady came in Salem "hung up" on Nicole anyway?

I also dont like that LH looks like shes going to cry if she has a hangnail. I cannot see her playing "tough" anything! FT did have that, but fell flat in the romance scenes-very awkward!

I guess this is why I like EJ and Nicole together.

Good actors + decent writing= good couple IMO

AZ and JS have chemistry whether they argue or have sex. They also wrote them as flirty, sexy, couple in the beginning. I loved that! However, then we got bogged down in this depressing SL of babies dying, people lying, no real "good guy" except for Rafe (and hes not compelling.) That changes their relationship. I want the old Ejole back! And maybe with everything out in the open, I'll get that. If not, well, I have to move on!
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