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Oct 27 2009, 11:06 AM
More from Angela at SON.

Nick is not happy that Sharon has a new buddy: Adam. Adam surprises Sharon on Halloween. They're having fun, playing games. P/N take Summer trick-or-treating and reach Sharon's place. He's shocked to see Sharon passing out candy with his brother. Nick starts to get into it with Adam but Phyllis pulls him away. Adam is pleased. It's not anything Adam planned for that night, just an added bonus. "It's like Tyson and Holyfield. Somebody is going to bite somebody's ear off. Nick 'fesses up about how much A/S got under his skin to Phyl. Phyl doesn't think Adam is on the up and up and tells Adam so. Nick tries to warn Sharon off Adam. Sharon tells Nick he can't pick and choose her friends. Muhney (he's the only one quoted in this article, btw) believes Adam really cares about Sharon. "I think that it's a surprise even to him." He feels Sharon is the one person he can be himself around, he kind of wants to push away the whole baby thing. Nick pretty much begs Adam to stay away from Sharon. When that doesn't work, Nick gives his bro an assignment that will keep him far away from Sharon - literally.


Chloe chooses a man. When things begin to heat up between Chloe/Chance, Chance pulls away. Over at Jimmy's, Victoria slaps Billy for exposing her affair in his magazine. Mac is disappointed in Billy. Chloe defends him. Billy visits Colleen's grave and breaks down. He heads to the Chancellor estate and impulsively kisses Chloe. Chloe refuses to be his second choice and chooses Chance. Unfortunately, Chance witnessed the smooch from afar. Chance wants Chloe to realize Billy is not the right man for her, but just how forgiving will Chance be?


Hope finds Carly sleeping in her bed at the B/H home. Hope is looking for excuses to go over. So Ciara is missing an activity book, Hope goes over to pick it up. Alfonso asserts that no matter what else is going on Hope's love for Bo hasn't wavered. Hope starts cleaning up and goes upstairs: there's Carly in the bed. Hope's all like "I've been gone a day and this?" lol. Carly is all "Hope, what are you doing here?" and Hope is all "what am I doing here? Who are you?" Carly introduces herself and includes the murdering Lawrence part in. Justin and Bo come in. Hope gives Bo 24 hours to turn Carly in. Hope tells Bo that he's doing it again, bringing danger into their home. Hope heads back to the Kiriakis mansion and nudges Victor for Bo/Carly info. And then Carly is arrested.

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Oh, it just gets more delicious--as much as I thought I would hate Adam near Sharon, it is getting me twisted! :drunk: Nick is going to be eaten alive with jealousy and Phyllis is hanging on with her claws for dear life...lmao! :tounge: You know, Phyllis is already in costume, going blonder, trying to be a do-gooder: maybe she should rethink tearing up Sharon's lingerie and dress up as the first Mrs. Nicholas Newman, cause Nicholas cannot resist the sweet scent of Sharon, even Phyllis cannot erase that! :rockon:

Chloe and Billy have an amazing banter, their chemistry is undeniable! :applause:

Thanks for the updates!
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