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Oct 28 2009, 12:58 AM
Oct 27 2009, 03:05 PM
If Bo and Hope were split up last year, I would say they will be reunited and that they'll be the money couple. However, like others have said, we're watching a brand new DAYS now. Supercouples don't have the power they once did. It may be a good thing.
Splitting up Bo and Hope is like the third rail. You'll touch it once and then be so scared to do it again. I'm going along with this story, but I will not be surprised if another "The plan to save Days!" cover results within a year.

It's a lot like GH. I am a fan of Bob Guza, but when he F'd around with Luke and Laura the audience came down on him hard. There are just some couples you do not touch without fear of something happening. :)
As far as Days goes, the current ratings, especially in the past year or so, prove supercouples don't mean squat in regards to ratings anymore. That era is gone. Those viewers are pretty much gone and I doubt they will come back nor do I think the show should try to get them back because they were too fickle to begin with. Tomlin's clear plan was to go after the general viewers and it's worked. All those fans want is an entertaining show that is classic soap. That is what Days has been delivering and the ratings have been responding.

I agree with Drew. There are no guarantees and that is what I think is helping Days so much right now. It's spontaneous. You have no idea where things may go. No one wants to watch a show where you already know where things will end up. Bo and Hope may be iconic but that doesn't matter anymore. Hell, their fanbase is not as vocal as others anyway. They never have been. Even during the times they were split up, I never recall reading as much complaints from them nor were their reactions as extreme as other fanbases. They seem to go along for the ride, at least for a little awhile.

I just don't think it matters anymore. I don't think Bo and Hope staying together makes or breaks Days. I don't think any character or couple makes or breaks the show on their own. If there is a need for another plan to save Days (and the current plan has been working well for about a year now), then it won't be t because of Bo and Hope or whoever they end up with. I remember a year ago Days was declared dead because it axed J&M and look what has happened. A permanent Bo and Hope split may have hurt the show a decade ago but I doubt it would matter at all now.
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