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I agree super couples are a thing of the past and to prove it Days has let two sets go and the ratings didn't plumet to the ground. just because they feel a need to keep Bo and Hope together just for no reason but to try and hang onto the last remaining SC is ridiculous when they drag them through the mud just to reconcile them down the road when things get rough for Days. the damage inflicted on them causes most to careless if they ever reunite. so whats the point. it appears that Bo and Hope have grown apart so let them go let them be with whoever will make them happy. I see alot of life in Carly that could be breathed into Bo .and Hope needs a boring life with a whinner now so Justin seems perfect. what exactly is his purpose on the show anyway? Hope's cheerleader? the man to turn to for moving stuff? he hasn't done anything excpet follow Hope around like a lapdog. just sleep together already and get over it. Hope has changed so much from what she was first playing a feisty fun loving person to this shell of a person she once was she pouts and whines and nags the hell out of everyone around her. just because a couple used to be a super couple doesn't necessarily mean everyone cares to see them stay together just for the sake of staying together. this is a soap for crying outloud give them a final split and move them to some interesting storys.
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