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This week's SOD and SOW each feature an interview with Kristian Alfonso.

Hope goes to her house as "an excuse to go see Bo," Alfonso tells SOD. Alfonso continues, "One thing I have to declare is that her love for Bo has never wavered. She's upset with him, she's hurt and she's frustrated."

Hope goes upstairs in the house and sees Carly lying in her bed! Hope doesn't know who Carly is, though. Alfonso tells SOW, "The woman says, 'Hope, what are you doing here?'... Hope says, 'What am I doing here? What are you doing here?'" Carly tells Hope who she is, and she tells Hope that she killed Lawrence and is now, as Alfonso says, "running from the bad guys". Then, Bo and Justin come in, and Hope tells Bo he has 24 hours to turn Carly in. Hope tells Bo that once again, he's bringing danger to their house, as whoever is after Carly will find her there.

Hope goes back to the Kiriakis mansion with Justin and starts working with Victor to find out about Carly's past. As SOW explains, "Victor was married to Carly and gives Hope some insight into why she can't be trusted." Justin tries to make Hope understand that Carly isn't capable of murder, but as Alfonso tells SOW, Hope is thinking, "'If Carly is innocent, what's with all the secrets?'"

Meanwhile, Carly worries that Hope will turn her in, but Bo tells her that Hope can be trusted. Then, later, Carly has a nightmare and realizes when she wakes up that she's putting Bo in danger. She tries to leave, but when she opens the door, the authorities are there and arrest her. Bo, of course, wonders if Hope is behind this. Alfonso doesn't tell SOW if Hope is responsible, but she says, "There's no evidence that Carly is innocent. It's more important to Hope that her family is safe than risking everything for Carly..."

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