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Wally Kurth is recurring, not on contract, so he could go at any moment. Plus, Justin was brought back mainly because Salem needed an attorney since Mickey is off-screen.

Justin also beefs up the Kiriakis Family. Christmas Dinner could be fun with Victor/Vivian/Justin/Daniel/Chloe/Philip/Brady/Hope/Ciara/Bo/Carly/(Adrienne?). There were some fun dinnertable scenes at the old Kiriakis Mansion with Victor/Kate/Nicole/Lucas/Sami/Austin/Brandon/Philip.

Hope is a lost soul. She has no friends. Her family is decimated. Her son and granddaughter sailed away. Her grandmother went off to London to spend last XMAS with the Deverauxs and hasn't been heard from since. Her father and sister/stepmother are away on months-long cruises. Her half-brother hasn't been seen in Salem since his toddler days. She avoids her husband's family. Her stepdaughter blew into town a few years ago, ran over Zachary Beauregard, then fled to nursemaid Billie and boink her uncle in London. The mother of Ciara's best friend -- the only non-family member in the mix -- lost her in the park and allowed the bumbling trio to kidnap the tyke. The woman needs some therapy!

Since we are proclaiming the end of the SuperCouple, wouldn't it be interesting if Bo and Carly clicked again and Adrienne returned from Dubai to run the Cheating Heart and reunite with Justin. Hope would have no man in her life and be at wits end. Maybe DOOL could actually write a 40-something woman battling the world as a single mom, not dependent on any man to take care of her. Naw, too realistic......
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