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Oct 30 2009, 04:54 PM
Why must some get so upset when someone dares to mention GG being wooden, boring, or just plain sucks as an actor. I will give credit where credit is due no matter the actor and so far GG has been painfully bad IMO. I love Nadia, but the girl just can't act. But here and there Nadia is really good, I can't say the same for GG. Some need to accept that not everyone is going to love GG.
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Seriously, I'm tired of being told that GG "can't do anything right" for me or I "haven't given him a chance" and so on. Between PASSIONS and DAYS, I've been watching him for 9 years, and in all that time, I'm not sure if he's impressed me even once. So, yes, I have given him a chance, and my opinion is that he sucks. And so what? Why do you even care what I think? If you like him, great, good for you. It shouldn't matter to you if not everyone loves him.
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