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Oct 29 2009, 04:36 PM
Oct 29 2009, 01:26 AM
SO excited for these scenes. I have been waiting my ENTIRE DAYS related life for a scene that FINALLY brought Carly and Hope face to face and it is FINALLY here!

I love that Hope is showing no mercy to Carly and really why should she...she doesn't know her from a hole in the wall, she just killed her husband, whose goons are now trying to kill her AND she just caught her sleeping in her marital bed.

In the end I want Bo & Hope...I always will...but Hope needs this wake up call. She needs to learn ONCE and FOR ALL what she is losing and what she is risking by being so damn reckless with her marriage. She has to learn that Bo has a breaking point and that he too will reach an end point in their relationship.

Hope needs to suffer losing Bo over this...but in the end it HAS to be Bo and Hope.

In the mean time I would not mind a Bo/Carly redux and Justin/Hope fling.

This is setting up to be one hell of a quadrangle!
I have to disagree about a fling with these 4. Bo and Hope ar still married to eachother, they should at least wait until they get a divorce. I dont want to see them cheating on eachother again. Justin is also still married. I dont see Hope cheating, since she is still mad that she slept with Patrick, as it was something she would and never has done, since she has only wanted Bo and had only been with Bo, this was something she hasn't gotten over and has told Bo this a couple of weeks ago.
I agree, and I hate to say it - but they aren't wasting our time with these stories if nothings going to happen, lol. Like come on..it's a soap, and what soap doesn't have cheating...!
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