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Oct 28 2009, 04:56 PM
Oct 28 2009, 02:29 PM
I can't wait for these scenes!

I'm glad Justin jumps to Carly's defense after Victor tells Hope what I'm sure are only the bad things about Carly.

I bet it's Victor that turns Carly in, leading Bo to think it's Hope, further tearing them apart.
So is anyone going to mention to Hope that Victor tried to kill Bo because he wanted Carly. Or that Carly saved her son's life, and saved Bo's life? Seriously even without that knowledge, Hope is going to take Vic's word over Bo?
Oh right, just like she believed Larry Welch, Franco, Patrick......all of them over Bo. How silly of me to think Hope would actually believe Bo about anything thing, respect him or even give a damn about him.
This is exactly what I want to know... the man is not exactly biased on this. She left him for Bo so no he's not gonna be kind when telling Hope about Carly. Once again I find myself in awe that again Hope will take someone else's word over Bo's. Its a habit and has been for years, I am sick of it. Isure hope someone reminds Vic HE tried to kill his own SON over a woman...

And one more thing, I find it hard to believe so many think Hope taking Ciara and living in the mansion is such a 'wonderful' idea..the man is a MURDERER as well...so tit for tat..she is putting Ciara in as much danger as Bo is right now by being in that house.
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