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Oct 30 2009, 12:10 AM
Oct 27 2009, 10:17 PM
..... DOOL has to find a way to allow her to remain a viable character. AZ is probably on her way to an Emmy nomination.
I agree that the show will drag out this baby storyline as long as they can, but I'm not understanding what Nicole's baby suddenly being alive would have to do with her redemption....IMO if they were like oh just kidding... Nicole's baby was alive all along, here she is and let Nicole have her that would be rewarding her for what she's done. Whereas with the way things stand now they've set her up to lose everything... Sydney, EJ, the lavish DiMera lifestyle, a friendship with Sami... when this all comes out. And she should lose those things as punishment and then after she comes back little by little (hopefully) we'll get to see her slowly try to get back on her feet again. To have her get her kid back though, would just be sort of rewarding her and letting her be happy again way too soon.

If Sydney turns out to actually be the EJ-Nicole bambino, then everything she has done is for naught. There is no legal culpability. It's not as if Sydney is taken from her and a new baby suddenly appears. That would be rewarding her. It would be the EJ-Sami baby that is hidden away and ultimately re-appears. Dr Baker, his day-player nurse, and Stefano are the "responsible" parties for everyone's heartbreak. And Nicole is also their victim.

Of course, this doesn't mean the other folks in Salem shouldn't BLAME Nicole, or shun her. But this is Salem after all. Stefano, Kate, Sami, EJ, and Nicole have all committed some type of dastardly deed in the past and are still "fine citizens of Salem".
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