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Oct 30 2009, 12:10 AM
Oct 27 2009, 10:17 PM
DOOL is the only daytime show that reversed a ratings decline in 2009. And what led to that resurgence? BabyPalooza. A producer should be fired if failing to capitalize on using every twist and turn available in telling a story. And prolonging it. And beating it to death. And overplaying it.

Nicole needs redemption. Unless the actress WANTS to leave the show, DOOL has to find a way to allow her to remain a viable character. AZ is probably on her way to an Emmy nomination.
I agree that the show will drag out this baby storyline as long as they can, but I'm not understanding what Nicole's baby suddenly being alive would have to do with her redemption.

IMO if they were like oh just kidding... Nicole's baby was alive all along, here she is and let Nicole have her that would be rewarding her for what she's done. Whereas with the way things stand now they've set her up to lose everything... Sydney, EJ, the lavish DiMera lifestyle, a friendship with Sami... when this all comes out. And she should lose those things as punishment and then after she comes back little by little (hopefully) we'll get to see her slowly try to get back on her feet again. To have her get her kid back though, would just be sort of rewarding her and letting her be happy again way too soon.

Nicole cannot have redemption until she is totally down, trampled, nothing to live for, beat to death, and decides she will still fight back. That was the old Sami model.

I agree, giving Nicole a baby, especially one that was fathered by EJ will not help her a bit. For what she did to Mia alone, she has not atoned, so mamahood for her should be way down the road, with Brady, but I would prefer it to be Philip or Lucas.
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