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Oct 29 2009, 12:14 PM
Oct 28 2009, 03:02 PM
SOW Spoilers
-Mia is forced to lie to Will.
~ ((since the definition and use of the word "forced" is being debated, perhaps we should inform the writers that since Mia has a 'choice' to protect her daughter or allow the nitwit Chad to raise her daughter implying such is wrong because to ~some~ no matter the circumstance or repercussions if given a choice even if that choice is Terrible and disgusting , or even death, or a threat to a loved one a person is not forced. One should just be willing to live with the consequences of defiance,No matter how terrible, or who gets hurt.
Kinda like when a Bank teller is robbed at gunpoint and told to hand over the money or else... they are apparantly not being forced to hand such over or do as they are told and perhaps should be considered an accomplice since could take a cance and just say NO... LOL... Yeah not the logic *I* adhere to but .... oh well.
This train of thought never seases to amaze me

-Victor tells Brady the "truth" about Arianna.
-Vivian closes in on Carly.
-Lexie warns Chad not to trust Nicole.
-Stefano senses that EJ is softening toward Nicole and Sydney.

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Melanie can't stop fantasizing about Phillip.
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