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Oct 29 2009, 07:19 AM
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Quoting limited to 4 levels deep
Sami never was forced into sex! She had a choice to have sex with EJ to save Lucas's life. So again you see what you want to see and I saw something totally different...NO CONTROL. Forced into marriage? Nope Sami could have said no but again she decided to marry EJ to end the vendetta even after her family begged her not to! Again No control by Ej just Sami making a choice/decision to do what Sami wanted! Forced to stay by EJ's bedside..that I will somewhat agree to but it's Karma kind of how Sami forced Lexi to do things for her when she blackmailed her. Forced to stay married to EJ...I would not say forced but YES manipulated but again Karma.. I loved it! As as far as manipulating her to sleep with him....LMFAO! So not true Sami even told Lucas.."I wanted him" No manipulation there Sami wanted Ej and acted out on those urges/feelings! As far as Sami being no Nicole...that was exactly my point! Sami is much to strongwilled! She always has and will continue to stand up to EJ!!!! That's why EJ loves her and that's why I love EJAMI!
I didn't say rape I said forced, he had a gun and told her he was taking her with him. This woman was being held at gun point. And if you don't want to call it rape, then explain why she was crying, Shear enjoyment, please. If he were a real man, he could have said no, this isn't right, but he didn't, he didn't care. Your right she was told they would just keep torturing and killing off her family members, she could have said, oh well! Stefano himself, told her to go to his bedside, or he would cancel the truce between the Brady's and the DiMera's, she could have just said damn my family & children, right? There's no denying she wanted it, she was ready, lonely, forced jealousy, and believing he was being open and honest about their personal relationship. But the second to the last was manipulation, and the last was a lie. I don't paint Rafe or Lucas as perfect men, I see and admit there flaws and what they have done wrong. I certainly will never justify those wrong things, just so they look okay. It just irritates when certain fans do that, if people like EJ, good, great, but I think the fans should be able to admit that he was scummish to Sami in the past. Of course, I'm not accusing you of doing that!
Excellent post all the way. And I do believe that both TPTB and JS have said it was forced. I am with the opinion,too, that they must all be delusional, right?
sorry I am so behind as I don't post here everyday (and it's not a snipe at anyone BTW)

I never mentioned Rape in my earlier post! I just said Sami was not forced to have sex with EJ. It's my opinion PERIOD. Also NO gun was visible when Sami and EJ had sex. No GUN was held to Sami's head. She could have said NO! Period!! As far as JS saying it was forced that is HIS opinion. He also says the producers call it the non rape rape. So really WTF does that have to do with anything! (kitkat not addressed to you). As far as delusional MT ...WOW this comes from a person who thinks Rafe is a great actor and is not a bore....talk about delusional huh? B-)

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