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Nov 2 2009, 06:43 PM
After reading through the list, I hope they purposely decided to leave Vivian's name out of the earlier episode descriptions -- otherwise we won't be seeing her again until much later in November. And if that's the case, I'll be so pissed it's not even funny.

Meanwhile, it's interesting that Lawrence shows up again on November 27th. Another ghostly appearance, I assume?
Well, we know from spoilers that Vivian appears sometime this week because she's listed in the spoilers just week. We just don't know what day.

I don't mind it. I think they are slowly integrating her, much like they did Carly. Plus, given Vivian is searching for Carly, I think they want to really build to Vivian finding her. It will be a big moment. I also feel like they want do it right. With the baby switch exploding next week, Vivan's grand return to Salem won't get the proper focus. I would rather they pace it this way then trying to cram the Vivian stuff in with the baby switch stuff. This way we have something to look forward to when the baby switch reveal winds down. That is good writing. You don't do everything at once and then have nothing to look forward to after all the major drama ends.

I think all them mentions of stunt coordinators and a stuntman is interesting. We know EJ attacks Stefano and Sami slaps Nicole. I have to wonder if stunt doubles were used in both instances.

I'm also happy to see Caroline back. I've been worried about Peggy. We haven't see Caroline since Grace's funeral in June, I believe.

Thanks so much, Jason. It's funny because I recall asking you a few weeks ago if you would ever post stuff like this again and now here it! Thanks so much!
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