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Nov 3 2009, 03:05 AM
Nov 3 2009, 12:41 AM
Man, did I call this one or what?

Who didn't call this one?
Many had said that Fay was coming back as Nicole was going to jail or to a psych ward or whatever initially. Yes, her running off with Sydney was predicted by many (especially once we learned of several minor roles being casted for something in Cleveland) but if the rest of this plays out with Sami and EJ being reunited with Sydney as a Christmas miracle then I would've nailed down the whole climax of this story right down to how long the story would last and how it would end up. I've been touting this whole scenario since early in the year when the babies were switched, well before we knew Fay was returning or about anything going down in Cleveland so I'm kind of proud of this LOL.

I don't usually like to brag about petty shit like this but I'm kind of amazed it turned out exactly in detail the way I said it would back in January. I said the story would last through the summer and that things would start to unravel in late September and completely explode in November. Then, Nicole would kidnap Sydney and Sami would get the baby back on Christmas Eve as a miracle. It's just scary how it all fell in line, especially the length of the story and the fact that it really did begin to unravel in late September with the big reveal in sweeps. I'm thinking maybe I should go play some lottery numbers or something :laugh: .
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