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Nov 3 2009, 12:30 AM
Nov 2 2009, 05:49 PM
I just think Peter is excited that he gets to play out an exciting storyline with two wonderful actresses. His character hasn't done much since Bo was dying last year.
I agree, although I wouldn't be surprised or blame Peter if he felt the way Drew's describing. It's just like Drake felt with Tamara Braun and Lauren Koslow. It has nothing to do with disliking who your working with but you want to be challenged as an actor and that means you need new things to do and explore. That isn't to say Bo can't stay with Hope and still have new stories but there is limitations there. Bo and Hope are a veteran couple who have been on many adventures, dealt with medical crises, been presumed-dead/kidnapped many times, dealt with many dramas surrounding their children, dealt with infidelity, etc. It's not easy to come up with a fresh Bo AND Hope story. It is easy to come up with a fresh Bo OR Hope story. The best thing about this story is it's not just a couple story. It's about Bo and Hope as individuals and as a couple. We have two point of views, both of which are justified and in character. As a fan who's watched most of their run, I have no issue with how Hope is acting. Yes, it's harsh and shrewish and all that but that is how Hope is in these situations. She always has been. That is the best part about this. The writers did their homework and have both characters behaving in character. Their past is being used to drive the story. It's a character-driven, realistic story of a marriage falling apart over too many issues, mostly related to trust, over the years and that is what is making it so emotionally enthralling.
Excellent post. Actors are individuals, not connected to the hip of the actor in a fictional pairing. I fear though that the kind of nastiness poured out on Lauren and Drake by some so called fans could happen to other actors. Already there are some nasty comments about Peter and Crystal daring to have an interview together. That freaks me out that fans get angry with actors in real life over fictional pairings. I don't get that.
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