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Oct 31 2009, 01:23 PM
Kristian Alfonso and Crystal Chappell are my two favorite actresses ever on this show, so I am salivating over the upcoming Hope and Carly confrontation. I could easily see Bo longterm with either character, although I don't know if Justin is a viable love interest for Hope. Anyway, Hope hasn't trusted Bo for a long time, and I don't really blame her. The fact that Bo didn't initially believe she was Hope when she "returned from the dead," has stuck with her all of these years and so she always douts him now.
Why would Bo believe it was Hope back from the dead (putting aside reality and all)? Everyone believed John was Roman returned from the dead. Bo, back then, if you watched, was a doubter of that too (the height and hairy chest must have thrown him off). But Bo was pressured and guilted by everyone to believe though he was wary because Stefano was involved. Guess what. Bo was right. Bo was the only one who was right. So for Bo to not want to get emotionally screwed over again by Stefano's games, imo, was reasonable and understandable. If Hope cannot get past it, if she does not trust this man who worships her, gives in to every selfish whim, then she ought to move on because once again, the "it's all about me" game Hope plays is tiresome.
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